David Deaton Karate

DDKS Price List

Mandatory equipment (red, black, white, blue)

Headgear 34.95
Hand Pads 31.95
Feet Pads 31.95
Shin Guards (black) 28.00
Rib Protector (Red or Black) 44.95
Mouthpiece  3.00
Regular Uniform 39.95
Black Belt Club Uniform no additional discount 35.00

Black belt club members receive 10% discount on fighter's connection.
(2nd family members receive a 15% discount on mandatory equipment)
Only one discount applies


Additional equipment or supplies

DDKS Roll Bag 31.95
Gi Pants (White or Black) 24.95
Warrior equipment - check MACHO catalog for prices, colors and sizes available
Clear Face Shields 49.95
Cage Face Shields 71.95
Bo-Staff-plain no additional discount 23.95
Bo-Staff-crackle no additional discount 31.95
Videos or DVD 34.95
Videos (set of 6) 189.95
Hand Wraps 7.50
Bag Gloves 13.50
Belts no additional discount 9.95
Additional BBC Patch no additional discount 4.95
Additional Leadership Stars 1.20
Mouthpiece Cases 4.00

See MACHO or Century catalogs for additional equipment and prices, all orders are by pre-paid only.


Dragon Heavy Weight uniforms

Dragon Gi
0 46.00
1 50.00
2 58.00
3 62.00
4 66.00
5 70.00
6 74.00
7 80.00

Gold belt safety kit

Gold Belt Safety Kit(required after reaching gold belt level) Prices listed are for Solid equipment only (red, white, black or blue)

  • Hand pads**
  • feet pads**
  • shin guards**
  • Kata vol. 1 video (katas through brown belt candidate)

$111.85 plus tax | $78.12 plus tax 2nd family member (no video included with 2nd member kit)
*when you purchase all items together you get a 15% discount off the price of a DDKS bag (roll bag: $31.95)


Orange Belt safety kit

Orange Belt Safety Kit

(required after reaching orange belt level) Prices listed are for Solid equipment only

  • Headgear (available in red, white, black or blue) **
  • Ribguard (available in red or gray)**
  • Mouthpiece
  • Sparring video

$102.85 plus tax - non BBC | $94.57 plus tax for BBC members | $70.47 plus tax - 2nd family member
(no video included in 2nd family member kit)


**Note: Due to our liability insurance requirements, we cannot permit the usage of any other safety equipment except the Macho/David Deaton brand.