David Deaton Karate

Our 48th Annual Karate Summer Camp will give your child these five great life skills...

Summer Camp white belt

1. Easy to learn self defense
2. Vital safety tips
3. How to handle bullies
4. What to do when parents aren't around
5. What to do when confronted by strangers

Over the last 48 years I have developed a curriculum that has not only proven to be easily learned and mastered, but more importantly, very effective. We start by teaching children how to safely avoid dangerous situations and then how to manage those situations if they do occur. Our street proofing skills have proven to empower children to take precise and effective action only when needed.

I guarantee total results and satisfaction.


David Deaton

These FREE* summer classes are limited to 25 students and will fill quickly.

Free T-shirt to first 25 students!

Only two 4 week sessions will be held, June and July.

* Uniform required for class $45 + TAX

“David Deaton’s Summer Street Proofing Course is the best thing I have ever done for my daughter.”
-John Stanton, Brentwood

“The stranger danger segment was so powerful that my daughter’s confidence
has improved along with my peace of mind.”

– Liz Carter, Hendersonville

“Not only does my son know how to avoid dangerous situations, he now knows how to get out of them if they, God forbid, ever occur.”
– Martha Lewis, Mt. Juliet

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Download registration PDF, fill it out, print out the correct page for the school closest to you and bring it in to get registered!

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