David Deaton Karate

Te-Geri (Cardio Kickboxing)

Cardio Kickboxing exerciseballTe-Geri is more than just kickboxing. It’s a a cardio - kickboxing exercise program for adults. Reduce stress, get in shape, avoid boring workouts, improve your health, increase self confidence and learn self defense. Te-Geri is an exercise environment that encourages a sense of family, an interactive group dynamic and a support network not found in a traditional gym.

In a "typical" class you can expect aerobics, full body workouts, weight training, resistance training, bag work, self defense, tai chi cool down, yoga like stretching and no pressure emotional support!

Get in the best shape of your life while helping others with similar goals.

Workout Calories Burnt Per Hour
Weight Training 420 Calories
Cycling 490 Calories
Aerobics 505 Calories
Te-Geri 800 Calories