David Deaton Karate

Note to visitors

naughty kidTrouble with your children focusing, obeying, following instructions the first time they’re told? Would you like to give them a sense of true pride, respect for authority and themself? Check out our Little Dragons Program.

Maybe you’re the parent of a child that visited the dojo at the invitation of one of our students. Check out our Little Dragons Program or contact us with any questions about prices.

father sonMaybe you’re the parent of a student and want to practice what you preach about self improvement! Our Te-Geri program is for adults (30 and over) serious about having some fun getting in shape! Or enlist in the adult Karate program and really help your child excel by learning yourself!

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a martial art and can imagine yourself in the mirror someday with white gi and black belt? Learn more about Karate or our history.